On the 17th of March, Madrid. Educational session at MIS (Meeting & Incentive Summit)

CoCoA-logo On the 17th of March, we will be involved in an experimental educational session at MIS (Meeting & Incentive Summit). The theme of the Summit is “Intelligent Meetings”.   

Our session: Meeting Lab.  Experimental Workshop. A journey through a Designed Meeting, beginning at understanding the meeting design process and ending at contemplating the professional moderation / facilitation concept.

An interactive session to understand what Meeting Design is and why a designed programme is so vital to achieve greater outcomes for participants in meetings based on the Meeting Owner’s objectives. Play, live, and experience all of the factors that make H2H (Human to Human) communication the imperative tool to design and transmit successful content. We will also consider why the moderator / facilitator| is an important figure in a meeting and how he/she is key factor to consider in the meeting design process. We will show how anyone could actually be a trained to become a professional moderator/facilitator!

Read the feedback of the attendees at EMEC 2015 Meeting Lab

F. Quereda Rodriguez

“Learning new things and facts about meetings that you do not normally learn during boring speeches and useless power points” Francisco Quereda, Málaga Convention Bureau, Attendee at Meeting Lab Krakow 2015.




“A key factor for the success of a meeting were all is really about managing peoples emotions and how they feel during the session.” Ramzi Shuaibi. LEADING SENSE. Attendee at Meeting Lab Krakow 2015.


Eli Keegan


“I am grateful to Mike and Chema for giving me the opportunity to collaborate in the session of “The Meeting Lab” in Krakow, it was an real pleasure and, although it could sound transcendental, for me there is a before and an after in the way of seeing and of understanding the industry.” Elizabeth Keegan | Lloret Convention Bureau. Attendee at Meeting Lab Krakow 2015.


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